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Core Areas of Practice

More Information on Services

Assessment of Communication Skills

Speech, language and literacy assessment sessions usually take one hour to complete, but can take longer. Assessment may include: discussions with caregivers, informal assessment through conversation and play, or the use of formal assessments such as the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals. Reports are available on request.

Goal Setting and Planning

Caregivers are encouraged to participate as part of the team in the goal setting process. Your therapist will give feedback to you regarding some areas of strength, and areas which require some support as per the assessment findings. From there goals can be selected and prioritised.​

Speech and Language Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are tailored to each individual client. Your child’s strengths and interests will be taken into account when planning sessions. Session length is determined based on your child’s age, attention, and the goals that they are working on. Because children learn best when they are interested and engaged, sessions always aim to be fun!​


A big portion of my work is currently delivered via Teletherapy (online sessions). Teletherapy sessions are essentially the same as face to face sessions. They are interactive (shared mouse and keyboard control), and tailored to meet the needs of the client. This involves the use of online games and activities including the use of Boom Cards and Tiny Tap. Some examples of teletherapy activities are displayed below.

Range of Practice

Beth works with children, adolescents and young adults who present with the following: Dyslexia, Language Delays and Disorders, Stuttering, Social skills, Speech Delays and Disorders, Literacy difficulties including Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Specific Language Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, and other developmental delays and disorders.


Beyond Words Speech Therapy and Literacy Tutoring is run out of my home clinic room in Upper Vogeltown, New Plymouth. Beyond Words is also a remote service with around half of our clients seen via Zoom. Beyond Words was originally based in Auckland, New Zealand, and continues to provide services for many families in Auckland and around New Zealand through teletherapy (Zoom based therapy).

Carryover Tasks and Resources

Your Speech Therapist will provide you with carryover tasks and resources to use at home to maximise your child's progress. Carryover tasks may include strategies to use in everyday conversations, and or personalised resources such as picture cards, visuals, and worksheets.​


Referrals are accepted from caregivers, and professionals (e.g. paediatricians, teachers, audiologists), given that the main caregiver has provided consent.