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Professional Experience:

Beth has a special interest in stuttering, and has previously worked as a therapist at a specialised stuttering clinic. She has experience working with people who stutter of all ages, using many different approaches.

Stuttering Therapy For Young Children 2-7:

In the early years we are able to reduce the severity of the child’s stutter to provide increases in natural fluency, and to make talking easier. We can also provide education around stuttering, to ensure that it is not perceived as a scary or bad thing.

Stuttering Therapy for School Aged Children, Teens, and Adults:

Good stuttering therapy is not necessarily fluency therapy. Many people who first attend Speech Therapy have a goal of becoming fluent, without realising there are other ways to increase their confidence and ease of talking – working on fluency being just one of the approaches we can utilise.

As children grow older, many times their stutter becomes more of a struggle. This is contributed to by trying to avoid or control their stutter – unfortunately, most of the time, the more you try not to stutter, the bigger the struggle with stuttering gets. Many people find that working on stuttering (learning to stutter in an easier way, with less struggle), and becoming less reactive to moments of stuttering, can increase their confidence and enjoyment of talking just as much as (if not more than) working on fluency.

Your goals and how you want to work to achieve them are a personal choice in stuttering therapy, and it is my job to provide you with all the options and guidance to help you achieve your goals.