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Speech Language Therapy, Based Online and in New Plymouth New Zealand

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Meet the Speech Therapist

Kia ora!

My name is Beth and I am a Speech Language Therapist who works primarily with children and teens to support their speech, and language skills. I am also an advocate for structured literacy and spend a significant portion of my time providing up-to-date evidence based tutoring for reading, writing and spelling. 

I consider myself extremely privileged to be able to do the work that I do, and have a genuine love for working with children and young adults. Providing high quality therapy services that align with current research is important to me, and am a frequent flyer at professional development events. My therapy sessions are highly functional and also really fun. Both aspects are important in supporting my clients in achieving their goals – kids don’t learn when they are bored!

I also work part-time as an illustrator and author of learning materials for speech, language, and literacy development, which I use frequently in my practice. 

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Beth formed a good working relationship with my 8 year old daughter right away. She found the perfect balance of fun and hard work, which allowed my daughter to take on the learning. I could see an increase in confidence and ability almost immediately and Beth continued regular assessment in order identify exactly what my daughter needed. The structure and clear approach was much appreciated as a parent as well.


Beth formed a good working relationship with my 8 year old daughter right away. She found the perfect balance of fun and hard work, which allowed my daughter to take on the learning. I could see an increase in confidence and ability almost immediately and Beth continued regular assessment in order identify exactly what my daughter needed. The structure and clear approach was much appreciated as a parent as well.


Beth has been wonderful for our 13 year old, Dyslexic boy! She worked with him on his spelling using the Sounds Write Programme. We have seen great progress here to the point where he no longer needs to work with Beth on this. Beth has also worked on writing with my boy. His written output has increased markedly and his ability to put his ideas to paper, improved exponentially. Beth has a lovely manner that puts everyone at ease. We have found her to be a real professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Via Zoom

Beth has done an awesome job with Yusuf. Yusuf would look forward to see Beth every Thursday it was the highlight of his week. He would countdown the days. Beth made the sessions fun and enjoyable which helped him through the learning process.  She has the best learning resources to help with the at home activities.  I would recommend her to any one who needs assistance in speech development.

Remuera, Auckland

We could not recommend Beth more, such a wonderful speech teacher! Beth instantly connected with our 6 year old daughter, encouraging her to engage and focus on her speech techniques – both during the sessions and after – in a way we had not seen with other therapists. Within 6 months we have experienced a strong improvement in our daughter’s speech which has been such a source of pride and confidence for her. Our daughter loved the sessions and Beth has left such a positive, ongoing mark on her life. The lessons are now over, but Beth, Ash will miss you! Thank you again!

Parnell, Auckland


Amazing results for my 4 year old from seeing Beth regularly once a week. Makes the sessions fun with games and rewards. My daughter was always very excited to go to her speech therapy which made things so much easier!

North Shore, Auckland


My daughter saw Beth over a few weeks for a mild lisp Her connection with Beth was immediate and she really looked forward to the sessions and had fun while learning. The improvement in my daughters speech has been great and we have plenty of exercises to carry on with at home.

North Shore, Auckland


Beth worked with my 6 year-old son over 2 terms, working on his pronunciation difficulties with several letter sounds. Beth connected with him very easily with her fun and friendly approach, so he was always happy to go to lessons.

Beth showed true skill in keeping a balance of task focus and fun in the lessons. She used a wide range of tools and games, which kept things varied and interesting and ensured my son’s new speech skill were widely applied and practised. The homework tasks she set for us made it easy to integrate new skills into everyday speech at home.

I would strongly recommend Beth to anyone looking for a professional and effective speech therapist to support their child.

North Shore, Auckland


Beth has been fantastic, working with my son and his speech and communication difficulties being on the spectrum. She is positive, approachable and capable of getting the best out of your child and my son has certainly grown up into a confident, energetic boy who loves to learn.

North Shore, Auckland


Beth has been working with our eight year old son who has Down Syndrome for several school terms. He has made great progress over that time, in both his verbal communication skills and comprehension. We really appreciate the fact that Beth runs her sessions at his school, as this enables his teacher aide to be involved and to work on the activities and exercises Beth sets during the school week. Beth also communicates directly with me so that I can work towards his goals at home. I highly recommend Beyond Words.

Ponsonby, Auckland


Beth is an awesome speech therapist, very professional, and really knows how to handle children. My child learnt so much from her, and became more confident after the therapy sessions.


Takapuna, Auckland


We were referred to Beth for our two year old who was having language difficulties. Beth took the time to listen to us, examine Kingston’s language and put together training, and programs for us to follow as a family. She knew early on we were researchers, so always gave us a ton of information & material which we have been able to put into practice. Beth has a calm, and lovely demeanour which assisted in the process greatly as Kingston was able to warm to her, and speak with her as he would us. We saw a noticeable improvement in Kingston’s lanuage, and more importantly we have a plan to increase his language and someone who we can check in with moving forward. I cannot recommend Beth enough.

Auckland Central, Auckland


Elizabeth has been working with our five year old for a term and we’ve been impressed and delighted with the progress he is making, both in terms of the clarity of his words and his willingness to use fuller sentences. Elizabeth’s manner is a wonderful balance of firm, gentle, persistent, and incredibly adaptable. She is intuitive as well as skilled and knowledgeable. She sets realistic goals for us to work on at home and school, and gives prompt and helpful answers to any questions we have. We thoroughly recommend Elizabeth!

Ponsonby, Auckland


Beth has spent a term working with my seven year old son Jacob who has loved every lesson he has attended. Beth employs imaginative and creative teaching methods which engage Jacob and make learning fun. We have seen amazing results working with Beth. Jacob’s pronunciation of those difficult sounds has improved greatly and he now often self corrects.
I highly recommend Beth as a speech therapist.

Devonport, Auckland


I have been so impressed with Beth who has been teaching my two year old, who is autistic, the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). She is professional, patient and understanding. My daughter, who is prone to being unpredictable with strangers, has taken to Beth very quickly and is progressing really well under her excellent guidance.

Belmont, Auckland


My five year old daughter was struggling with pronouncing some sounds and this was affecting her confidence at school. Her teacher referred me to Beth. She has spent a term with Beth working on these sounds and we are overjoyed with the progress she has made and the confidence she has gained! Beth is very good at making the sessions fun which in turn had my daughter wanting to come back every session, she didn’t even realise she was working!!! Beth made the sessions very family friendly, I was able to bring my four year old and six month old to the sessions which helped immensely as I do not have any family nearby to babysit. Beth I cannot thank you enough!

Devonport, Auckland

Speech Therapy Services

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Assessment of Communication Skills

Speech, language and literacy assessment sessions usually take one hour to complete, but can take longer. Assessment may include: discussions with caregivers, informal assessment through conversation and play, or the use of formal assessments such as the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals. Reports are available on request.

Goal Setting and Planning

Caregivers are encouraged to participate as part of the team in the goal setting process. Your speech therapist will give feedback to you regarding areas of strength, and areas which require some support as per the assessment findings. From there Speech-Language Therapy goals can be selected and prioritised.

Speech and Language Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are tailored to each individual client. Your child's strengths and interests will be taken into account when planning sessions. Session length is determined based on your child’s age, attention, and the goals that they are working on. Because children learn best when they are interested and engaged, sessions always aim to be fun!


Beyond Words Speech Therapy and Literacy Tutoring is run out of my home clinic room in Upper Vogeltown, New Plymouth. Beyond Words is also a remote service with around half of our clients seen via Zoom. Beyond Words was originally based in Auckland, New Zealand, and continues to provide services for many families in Auckland and around New Zealand through teletherapy (Zoom based therapy).

Literacy Tutoring

Sounds Write

Beth is trained to deliver Sounds Write. Sounds Write is a high quality structured literacy program designed to support all learners with their reading and writing skills, including those who have a diagnosis of Dyslexia. Beth has also received additional training in spelling, phonics (syllable types), and phonological awareness.

Literacy tutoring


Pricing includes GST. Some additional charges for travel may apply depending on location.

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30 Minute Therapy Session


45 Minute Therapy Session


60 Minute Therapy Session


Written Report
(of assessment)


Learning Resources

Our Speech-Language Therapist Beth develops and illustrates engaging and effective resources to use with clients. These resources are now used by Speech-Language Therapists across New Zealand and around the world.


Speech therapist

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