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Reading and Writing Services

If you are reading this, you likely have some questions about your child’s literacy development. 

Does my child have dyslexia? 

What kind of support does my child need?

Will my child catch up in their own time?

The internet contains a wealth of information, but can also cause a lot of confusion about which approach is best to support children with their reading and writing skills.

The research is clear on the fact that we need systematic synthetic phonics programmes for struggling readers (or even better, for all children who are learning to read!) The science of reading and writing are not covered in this summary, however, if you are curious to learn more about the science of learning to read, I highly recommend the SPELFABET website. 

The role of Speech Language Therapists in literacy

Reading and writing are highly integrated with speech and language skills. For this reason Speech and Language Therapists (with additional training in literacy) are able to provide high quality specialised input for children who have dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties.

Beth (Speech-Language Therapist at Beyond Words) has undergone additional training in order to be able to provide high quality literacy services. She is trained in Sounds Write, which is an evidence based literacy intervention, supported by the Dyslexia SPELD Foundation, and has taken on additional learning through attending various workshops and seminars.

Which areas are covered in literacy intervention?

  • Reading: This includes word reading skills at all levels, and reading for fluency and comprehension.
  • Writing: This includes spelling from early to advanced levels, sentence writing, and writing of extended text such as short stories and expository text.

Reading and Writing Services at Beyond Words

At Beyond Words we are passionate about providing excellent quality literacy interventions for children and teenagers. Beth is able to deliver assessments to evaluate your child’s reading and writing skills. During the assessment, information will be gathered which will enable Beth to develop a programme which systematically builds on your child’s existing literacy skills. She is not able to diagnose dyslexia as this is out of the scope of practice for Speech Therapists.

Once the assessment is completed, feedback is shared with the caregivers on areas of strength, and areas which need more support. Sessions are provided in a one to one format, and can be delivered at home, in school, or online. Homework is provided to ensure carryover of learning. Advice may also be given on how to apply the learning to your child’s existing reading homework from school.

If you have questions about literacy development or supports for your child or teen, please feel free to contact Beth at


“Beth has been wonderful for our 13 year old, Dyslexic boy! She worked with him on his spelling using the Sounds Write Programme. We have seen great progress here to the point where he no longer needs to work with Beth on this. Beth has also worked on writing with my boy. His written output has increased markedly and his ability to put his ideas to paper, improved exponentially. Beth has a lovely manner that puts everyone at ease. We have found her to be a real professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”

Holly – Via Zoom


Beth formed a good working relationship with my 8 year old daughter right away. She found the perfect balance of fun and hard work, which allowed my daughter to take on the learning. I could see an increase in confidence and ability almost immediately and Beth continued regular assessment in order identify exactly what my daughter needed. The structure and clear approach was much appreciated as a parent as well.

Norah – In person and via Zoom